The View Palm Resort is located in North West Rwanda, 7 km from Gisenyi town center next to the Bralirwa. The Private Property stands on the shores of Lake Kivu, which is 160km from Kigali and 20 minutes from the border with the Democratic Republic of Congo and the city of Goma.

Gisenyi is situated in North West Rwanda, 2h 30 from the capital, Kigali. It is one hour away from Ruhengeri (departing point to visit the volcanoes and its gorillas) and it takes only two hours to reach Kibuye by boat on the lake.

Palm garden located on the Lake Kivu, the sixth largest lake of Africa, and surrounded by a extensive tropical garden. The View Palm Resort offers the ideal week-end escape and the most beautiful view. It defines itself as an attractive place to relax and enjoy the Kivu Lake and its beaches.

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